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Higher education and leading research institutes must place importance on developing cooperation and exchange with each other, in order to increase research capability, as well as the knowledge of academic and research staff, students and other personnel, in order to develop innovation and improve the quality of life and economy of the country and the region.

With the determination to cooperate in academic and research activities in a sustainable manner, as well as to support the “Thailand 4.0 Policy” of the Thai government and the “New South-bound Policy” of the Taiwanese government, Mahidol University have undertaken cooperation with the National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Taiwan to establish a joint research center, the Mahidol-NCKU Joint Research Center, to develop technology and innovation in dentistry and medicine. This cooperation has been extended to apply innovation to the private sector and industry, with the Medical Device Innovation Center (MDIC) of NCKU acting as a key partner to collaborate with the Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University, so as to form the Mahidol - NCKU Dental and Medical Device Joint Research Center. 

In the long term, the Mahidol - NCKU Dental and Medical Device Joint Research Center will continue to act as an important international platform for linking research and joint funding of research in a multidisciplinary manner in biomedical science, artificial intelligence, as well as producing new technology, devices and materials, through cooperation between the academic sector, industry, and other organizations in Thailand and Taiwan. In addition, other activities of the Mahidol - NCKU Joint Research Center will include exchange of academic and research personnel, publications and dissemination of research findings, joint conferences, workshops, and product trials.

These above activities have arisen through the establishment of the MU-NCKU joint research center located at the Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University at Yothi Street, Rajathewi district, Bangkok on 2nd November 2019. The main objectives of the center are to encourage and support collaboration in research between NCKU with Thai universities and exchange knowledge between Mahidol University and National Cheng Kung University through academic activities, workshops, and exchange of students and academic staff.  This will increase capability in research and development, as well as to encourage research with industry, so that research will benefit society and the community, as well as provide commercial applications.