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[Webinar Series] "My Startup Journey from the University to the World" with Mr. Miko Wen


In this first episode of NCKU Startup Sharing Session, we have invited Mr. Miko Hsiang-Sheng Wen, the CEO of Taiwan Earning Co. Ltd to share his startup journey from the university to the world. The one (1) hour webinar session was recorded and made available for further viewing at This event was a collaborative effort between the NCKU Overseas Hub in Malaysia and the Medical Device Innovation Center (MDIC), NCKU.


Taiwan Earning Co. Ltd was founded in 2014 and is specialized in veterinary oncology. Mr. Miko first opened his presentation by sharing his experience during the company’s foundation stage. His startup journey started when he was the Manager at the Technology Transfer and Business Incubation Center (TTBIC). At that time, he was assigned to review the portfolio of patent rights of the College of Medicine, and find out if there are any team of students or researchers who is ready to start a startup company based on the technology and innovation that they developed. One of his teams under the College of Medicine was then selected by the university to support the initiative by the National Science and Technology Council (NSTC) in encouraging universities to build a startup culture. He worked with his team under the Department of Gastroenterology and has chosen the thermoablation device to be further commercialized, to be an option to treat pet cancer.


Mr. Miko summarized a series of clinical trials done by this team after the company was established in his presentation. Numerous data were collected, and in the end, they managed to prove that their medical device was suitable for treating cancer in pet dogs and cats. Their success in accumulating more than 2,000 clinical treatments of veterinary oncology, then brought them to launch a new service called the Comparative Oncology CRO advancing pre-clinical service. His team decided that they wanted to translate the experience and scientific data gained in treating cancer in pet dogs and animals, back to human medicine and human oncology. Comparative oncology is a new translational model of cancer.


Taiwan Earning suggested a better clinical trial model replacing the old model by doing comparative oncology. Before ending his presentation, Mr. Miko shared a few pictures of his team’s efforts to support the usage of canine tumoroid, canine tumor explant-on-a-chip and canine comparative oncology trials as new tools for advancing biomedical research and development. The new model also perfectly improves the animals’ policy which is in alignment with the 3Rs principle (Reduction, Replacement and Refinement).


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