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NCKU Overseas Hub in Vietnam (NCKU OH) with National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology (HCMUT), Dandelion Vietnam Company Limited (droppii) and Ho Chi Minh City Medical Equipment Association (HMEA) jointly launched the Contest “Creative Innovation and Flash Idea – CIFI 2023”.

Group photo of participants

The Contest officially opened the online submission from March 10th to May 7th and received 19 project submissions in total. The judging panel considered the eliminate evaluation and found out the top-5 projects qualified for the Final Round which was on-air on May 31st. Coming to the Presentation and Clarification Session in the Final Round, the competing teams presented their projects in front of the judges:

- Team No.4 from UMP with the topic “Convenient Manual Wheelchair” – An innovative solution using a controller to adjust the height of the wheelchair so that people with disabilities can easily approach objects;

Representative of team No.4 is presenting their project

- Team No.7 from NCKU demonstrated their project “HearNova”– An effective solution for ADHD children or students to focus on and pay attention to the target speaking people.

HearNova Team in their presentation part

- Team No.9 from NCKU demonstrated their idea “SentrySor”, a novel solution to detect driver alcohol testing and awareness of health risks to stop people suffering from accidents caused by drunk driving and age-related issues.

Representative of Team No. 9 in their presentation

- Team No.17 from UMP demonstrated their project “MeptiC Copilot: Virtual assistant helps verifying prescriptions” - an application using AI technology that promises to be your assistant in verifying prescriptions.

Representative of Team No. 14 from UMP in their section

- Team No. 18 demonstrated their project “SIS’s Healthcare Neckband Headphone” from HCMUT – An ideal companion with users using a portable cooling system and real-time healthcare parameter monitoring such as temperature, humidity, etc.

Representative of Team No. 18 from HCMUT in their presentation part

After finishing each presentation, the judging panel has given relevant questions to clarify the project idea and provided constructive advice to improve and develop the project idea.

The judging panel carefully considered to find out and announce the winner of each Prize:

- Project "HearNova" received the First Prize of 10.000.000 VND (14.000 NT);

The First Award belongs to Team “HearNova” from NCKU

- Project “MeptiC Copilot” received the Second Prize of 5.000.000 VND (7.000 NT);

The Second Award belongs to team “Meptic Copilot” from UMP

- Project "Sentrysor" received the Third Prize of 2.000.000 VND (3.000 NT);

Third Prize belongs to team “SentrySor” from NCKU

- Project "Convenient Manual Wheelchair" received the Consolation Prize of 1.000.000 VND (1.500 NT);

Consolation Prize for the project “Convenient Manual Wheelchair” from UMP

- Project “SIS’s Healthcare Neckband Headphone” received the Most Favorite Project Award, of 1.000.000 VND (1.500 NT) based on the voting on Facebook of NCKU OH.

The “Most favorite project” Prize belongs to Team SIS from HCMUT

During the organization process, the CIFI 2023 Contest has achieved the following outstanding results:

- 7 domestic and international universities: National Cheng Kung University, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology – VNU-HCM, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Ho Chi Minh City, Columbia University (USA), Hanoi University, Fulbright University, University of Finance and Marketing;

- The Contest reach a total of 61.423 people and 1027 total of Reacts/ Shares/ Comments on Facebook of NCKU Overseas Hub in Vietnam;

- The Final Round reached 1.400 people and 801 viewers from Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hungary, Japan, Canada, Guatemala, etc.

- Participation occupation are 45% Undergraduate Student, 32% Graduate Student, 20% University Staff and 3% Industry.

Occupation of the participants

NCKU OH also appreciate and thanks for the support and promotion from HCMUT, UMP, NCKU Overseas Hub in Malaysia,, Website of Cantho univ., UMP’s website,, ivolunteer, VSATW, VSA NCKU group, KU20VLY, etc.

Promotion of the event through the social networks

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